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At Dundas West Animal Hospital, our veterinarians provide many surgical services ranging from routine spays, neuters, wound repairs, and lump removals to advanced procedures including abdominal explores, gastro-intestinal procedures, bladder or urethral surgery, amputations as well as several eye, ear, and nose procedures. 

Our dedicated surgical team will be caring for your pet from pre-surgical communications through arrival, discharge, and recheck to ensure your pet receives the most consistent and safest anesthetic and surgical experience possible. 

What happens before, during, and after surgery?

All patients will receive a physical exam, pre-anesthetic blood testing, pre-surgical drugs prescribed to be given prior to arrival to reduce anxiety, anti-nausea medication to improve comfort, individualized anesthesia protocols, intravenous catheters, and fluids to allow for immediate access to drugs and to maintain blood pressure, active warming to maintain body temperature throughout the procedure, thorough monitoring with pulse oximetry, capnography, doppler blood pressures, and continuous ECG as well as multimodal pain control throughout recovery. 

We also have relationships and the ability to refer to several board-certified veterinary surgeons in the city that perform complex operations when more advanced equipment or training will be beneficial to your pet. 

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