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Dundas West Animal Hospital has a large array of in-house diagnostic tests that allow our veterinarians to get same-day, fast results to help guide treatment. 


We have in-house blood machines that can measure many values including red and white blood cells along with their properties, platelets, blood sugar, proteins, kidney, liver, and pancreatic values as well as electrolytes. 

We also test for diseases such as heartworm, tick-borne diseases (like Lyme), feline leukemia, FIV, parvovirus, and leptospirosis. We have specialized tests like testing the heart enzyme called cardiac proBNP to help in more critical cases where immediate answers are required.


With our in-house urinalysis machine, we can promptly identify problems in the urine. There are many safe modes of collection that we perform including a free flow, catheterization, and cystocentesis (collection directly from the bladder guided by ultrasound). 


At Dundas West Animal Hospital, we take pride in using evidence-based medicine, including using cytology to guide treatment. This includes sample testing of ear debris, skin scrapings or hair plucks and looking under the microscope for yeast, bacteria, inflammatory cells, mites, and more. We also use cytology to look at various fluids that can be sampled from the chest or abdomen and determine if infections are present. There are also several types of masses that we can diagnose in-house after looking at cells removed with a needle technique.  

There may be some specialized testing that we require sending out to the laboratory but usually get results within 1-5 days. Using in-house laboratory tests can help ensure your pet’s treatment plan is on the right track while we wait for pending results. 

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