Dr. Jessica Krayz


Dr. Jessica Krayz
Dr. Jessica Krayz DVM

Dr. Jessica Krayz had both a penchant for science and a love of animals from a young age. After graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Kinesiology, her two passions came together at the Ontario Veterinary College. In 2012, she graduated with Honours and received the Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Prize in Clinical Pharmacology and Anesthesiology, for clinical proficiency in these fields.

In pursuit of providing gold-standard care for her patients, she completed an additional level of clinical training via an internship at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey – one of the top private practice internship programs in North America. Upon completion, she returned to the GTA where she has since been working as an emergency clinician part-time (to keep her on her toes!) as well as regular practice. As a west-ender herself, she is excited to join the team at Dundas West and build long-term bonds with her patients and clients. In the hospital, her interests include internal medicine, neurology, and emergency medicine.

When she is not in scrubs, she is usually in yoga clothes, as she tries to maintain a daily yoga/meditation practice, though she is often still covered in fur from her work-in-progress rescue dog (Paul McCartney) and her cat (Mean Mr. Mustard).